Hey beautiful people! it’s been too long, I’ve missed you all so much. And I’ve definitely missed this space (sheds a tear). However, it was all for the greater good. so; without further ado let me reintroduce myself.

AESTHETICALLYCOOKIE.COM at your service ( flips hair). Anyway, that’s a story for another day. You guys know I gatchu anyday and so in commemoration of women’s history month I have a blogpost featuring affordable and reliable women owned brands you should definitely patronize.

    • skincare is a big deal to me and I’m always sourcing for new products. I discovered this brand


    • and boy was I glad. I got some of their products which I reviewed on IGTV you should check it out. They also gifted me their goat milk body lotion which I absolutely love.

Packaging: 10/10


Price: affordable

  • The next brand is a jewelry brand. Carmdals_store I’m definitely patronizing this brand very soon because they’re quite affordable and they have really nice items.

  • Next brand in line is a shoe brand. I’m a size 8 and finding cute lady slides for me is usually a struggle so imagine my relief when I discovered a brand that makes custom made slides just for you. At very affordable prices. Lus_closetng Is suggest you check them out if you’re like me and struggle with getting the perfect fit.
  • When it comes to cute outfits, head bands, bonnets then D_effulgence is your go to brand. I was gifted a wrap skirt and I totally love it.

  • The last store is a clothing store and they have been in my wishlist for the longest time. Luckily for me I won a giveaway from them and I cannot wait to rock the outfit. Iwade.brand their packaging was the bomb and delivery was very swift. I haven’t rocked the outfit yet because I don’t want any premature slay (lol) I need to get all my pieces together to create the masterpiece I have envisioned.

That’s all from me today and I hope this post was helpful. Please tell me what you think in the comments below. And please subscribe to my mailing list.




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Posted by:the Cookie you know

My name is Chibogu but feel free to call me Cookie. I'm a fashion, lifestyle and beauty blogger, I'd love for you to follow me through this exciting journey of discovery. I promise you won't regret it💖

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