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while we all agree that travelling is dope and super fulfilling, its also not cheap! and we need to still have some fun while saving those coins for traveling.

as a blogger I have honestly gone to lots of places in this town in search of what I like to call “instagramable locations” and so based on research I have come up with a list of places you can try out and then thank me later.

first off, everywhere has the potential of being instagrammable you just gotta look deeper. with that said lets get right into my list.


I know this is the most expected place for me to list because I’m literally always there but guys its not a joke. it has really cool modern cultural setting that gives it this instagram perfect feel and almost every blogger I can think go here in Enugu has taken a picture here. I also want to add that they have affordable prices which is a big plus for me because mans gotta save some coins. they also double as a Chinese restaurant which is cool because who doesn’t love asian food right?

both pictures were taken there.


As expected too I had to mention this cool spot of mine mostly because of how underrated I think it is. its the only gaming house in Enugu currently and it still doubles as a lounge. their environment is really pleasing to look at and their refreshments are affordable too.


whether you’re looking for a good time or just plain relaxation or if you’re just hungry then this is the place to be! literally one of the biggest spots of all the ones I’ve mentioned they have a salon, spa, pizzeria, event hall, lounge, a pool, a winery and a shopping space. truly a landmark! I have taken a lot of my pictures in this space and I don’t regret it at all.


I know you hate going to the mall because of how frequently you run into people you don’t want to see but if you want instagrammable locations then you gotta sacrifice something. plus the mall has tons of hang out options apart from the actual shopping places example at SPAR I love chilling at THE BEER AND GRILL spot. its affordable and still cute for pictures.

also, depending on the picture you want the sit out spot at the parking lot is great too. you just gotta be bold because people will stare.


You’re probably thinking that I’m crazy but don’t panic, I gatchu lol. this is my least favourite place to be but then I want pictures and those pictures won’t take themselves so. LATITUDE CAFE is a great spot to take your pictures and you don’t have to worry about people seeing you.

The last but not the least in my list is LILBURN HEALTH AND FITNESS CENTRE

this place has a gym, a bar and a cafe sort of thing where they sell smoothies and other things and is also great for picture taking. they’re affordable too.

There are tons of other beautiful places to visit but these are the neutral places that anyone can go to at anytime and still have fun while spending well below 5000 Naira. I tried for this post to not be long and I hope you enjoyed it.

till next time,



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