Hey guys it’s another day and here’s another blogpost.

My earliest childhood memory.

This is a really tasking one but I think the earliest memories I have of me were memories of me always hailing people (lmaooo). My hype woman career did not start today.

From hailing random bike men who were passing my street down to food vendors on the road. I always had a name for everyone. Those days in the early 2000s bike men in my city were mandated to put on colored vests with numbers on them so in the evenings I would come out to my veranda at home and wait for my regular bike customer to pass and once I see him approaching I’d scream his number at he top of my voice like so;

Okada number 8

Okada is Igbo for motorcycle so screaming okada number 8 meant;

Bike man number 8

This memory is so special to me because it was like a ritual to me then and I think everyone understood or they just ignored me lol and let me have fun. The best part about it was that eventually the bike man started responding and it mad my tiny heart feel warm.

Sometimes I wish things were that easy or that I could still look at things with the eyes of a child you know! Everything and almost everyone is insincere now and it’s appalling.

This is my earliest and most fun childhood memory and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Outfit details

Top: marks and Spencer

Dress: pretty little thing

Glasses and sandals: primark

Wrist watch: Michael kors

As always



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