It’s day 3 already and I can’t believe I’m keeping up. It’s so thrilling.

So, you want to know the tea about my brand name? well, there’s not much to know ( unfortunately ). Prior to Cookie I had changed my name a few times from Chi.bogu to Avery then to The West African voice. Yes, I was indecisive lol.

The rave about Empire began. If you don’t know what that is then click here Empire

Basically it’s an American drama series that one of its strong characters was a lead actress named “Cookie” . The character was played by Taraji P. Henson who arguably could be termed the strongest character in the series. Obviously you can see why the name appealed to me.

Sadly though I did not continue the series and I’m not even sure I got past season one but hey, I’m sure this was the only reason it was placed in my path. God has a way of doing things. I’m very certain choosing Cookie was a good idea because I’ve never been one to have easy to pronounce names so it’s a big relief for me knowing that everyone can pronounce my name now. I’m sure if you’re like me and have a long name or a difficult to pronounce name then you can relate.

I know by now you’re wondering where “aestheticallycookie” came from. Well, the word aesthetic means “concerned with beauty or it’s appreciation”.

So aestheticallycookie in my explanation would be to see beauty through my eyes, that is to see things the way I see them beautifully.

I’m not entirely sure this post was fun but I’m sure you get the drift. As always thank you so much for stopping by and till next time;



Posted by:the Cookie you know

My name is Chibogu but feel free to call me Cookie. I'm a fashion, lifestyle and beauty blogger, I'd love for you to follow me through this exciting journey of discovery. I promise you won't regret it💖

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