Hey loves, I recently decided to be more consistent with blogposts, I figured what better way to start than a blogging challenge right? .

I was rudely awakened by Instagram algorithm that my engagement was at an all time low and in my bid to fix it this was what I came up with. Basically posting cute pictures everyday is not enough ( I know, extremely Annoying ) so I have to put more effort in creating content so here I am trying my best to change it.

In all honesty there’s no guarantee that this will work but this is me hoping it does. Also I’m trying to get new people to discover my page because I’m certain it’s the same people that have been recycled by IG for sometime now and I still do not know how to fix this. If you have any solution to this please feel free to share.

This post wasn’t meant to be long but it’s ok. Thanks for stopping by and cheers to the first of many.

Till next time



Posted by:the Cookie you know

My name is Chibogu but feel free to call me Cookie. I'm a fashion, lifestyle and beauty blogger, I'd love for you to follow me through this exciting journey of discovery. I promise you won't regret it💖

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