It’s another week and here’s another post. Is God not wonderful? Anyway this post was definitely fun for me because I’ve never tied a scarf on my leg before but thanks to Pinterest I decided to. I also made tassels earrings myself (so dope, i know right? )

For this post I decided to step out of my comfort zone and best believe I don’t regret it. It’s really true what they say “nothing good ever comes from your comfort zone”.

I really struggled with coming up with a name for this post so tell me what you guys think about the present title. My outfit reminds me of the 90s with the block platform heels and the fray bootcut denim.

Outfit details:

Top: primark

Jacket: ASOS

Trouser: thrifted

Scarf:Chezjumelle on iG

Earrings: made by me

Shoes: Boohoo

Don’t forget to leave your genuine feedbacks on this post please. Till next time

Xoxo Cookie ❤️

Posted by:the Cookie you know

My name is Chibogu but feel free to call me Cookie. I'm a fashion, lifestyle and beauty blogger, I'd love for you to follow me through this exciting journey of discovery. I promise you won't regret it💖

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