Nigeria turned 57 yesterday and I’m sitting here wondering what we have achieved. Regardless of that fact I’m interested in how y’all spent the public holiday. As for me I spent mine planning this blog post and I had lots of fun while at it and I hope you guys like it.

The item on the “H.T.S” post today is the skaters skirt.  This is a very trendy piece and I dare to say that it’s ideal for all seasons because you can pair it with anything and it’ll still work. I styled mine in two ways: 

  • First:

I was going for a casual and playful look, ideal outfit for a day out with the girls or just a fashionable day look really. I know what you’re thinking (isn’t it too hot for the jacket? ) well, the answer is no and yes; let me explain. Today particularly was a hot one but mans had to take blog pictures soo I had to do it anyway but generally this jacket is actually made from paper light material meaning it’s not thick and can be worn on relatively cool days here in Nigeria but just make sure you have a suitable inner piece incase you get hot. You can also ditch the tights/ pantyhose if you have a skaters skirt with a decent length. Mine is a tad too short so I had to add the hose. My favourite item in this look has to be the one hand frilly blouse; it gives off an overall girlie look and it softened the outfit.

Look II :

This look has to be my favourite, I love how retro it looks yet it gives that new school vibe. This is a typical school day outfit and it can be worn with any foot wear from sandals to ballet flats.

That’s all from me today please tell me what you think in the comment section below.

PS: I love the bomber jacket so expect to see more of it on the blog 😄. 

Bomber jacket: asos

Skaters skirt: select uk

White one hand top: old navy 

Sneakers: aldo 

Plaid/ flannel shirt: primark 

Pantyhose: primark 

Sunglasses: Dior 

Rings: @muris_stores

Lots of love


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