Does anyone else ever feel like they are not growing, like you’ve been in the same spot for too long. Running round in circles and never getting to a real destination. Well it hurts. It hurts especially when you know you’re making effort when you know that you are trying your best. Why do some people have it easy and others not so much. Why does everything have to be Soo difficult? The whole charade of having your life together might not be a lie because very few people get very lucky. On that note however I’d say that things get hard sometimes but don’t stress over them because you’ll go crazy (literally ). Let’s go bit by bit a single step each day because you know, success is a sum of tiny seemingly insignificant decisions that add up. Don’t stop pushing your break will come just keep working hard. I really hope this post inspires someone today. Don’t forget to leave your comments below. Till next time cookie ❤️

Posted by:the Cookie you know

My name is Chibogu but feel free to call me Cookie. I'm a fashion, lifestyle and beauty blogger, I'd love for you to follow me through this exciting journey of discovery. I promise you won't regret it💖

11 replies on “Keep going 

  1. I feel this way most times but then I keep saying babe’s have you forgotten you grow through what you go through😊😊the pants omg (I have to look for something similar to that)the sandals omg and the bag💕💕💕and no jokes I love the way you take your pictures

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  2. We are defined by how well we rise after falling or maybe by how strongly we fight to stand even when we’re face flat on the ground. For many reasons…this quote reminds me of blogger Bogu….
    I love the look by the way.

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